American Garage Décor, is a completely USA based manufacturer producing high quality products designed and built entirely in the USA. We have created a line of durable, maintenance free, decorative hardware for the residential and garage door industry.

Our parts are created using a lightweight proprietary composite material that is completely UV stable and exactly duplicates the original look and finish of hand hammered hardware from the dawn of the Iron Age. They look like the “real thing” because the original template was an authentic forged and hammered iron component.  Our products have all of the visual cues of actual iron hardware without the corrosion and weight issues iron products exhibit in tough exterior applications.  American Garage Decor hardware will not dent, rust or rot.  Our products are particularly effective in hostile coastal environments and environments with extreme temperatures, hot or cold.

Our products come in either “Screw Applied” or “Magnet Applied” mounting styles.

Magnet Applied is our newest and most popular option.  Nickel coated rare earth magnets hold our products firmly to steel doors without compromising the face integrity of the door.  No screws equals no holes! Even better, installation time is near zero as one just places the hardware exactly where you desire.  Change your mind about placement….no problem.  Merely lift the piece off and place it where you want.

Screw Applied products utilize super durable painted steel screws hold tight but allow for easy removal by the homeowner when door maintenance is required.  With either mounting option, the hardware works beautifully on a variety of doors including wood, steel or composite.  The light weight allows door installers or homeowners to architecturally enhance the door’s appearance without having to increase spring rates to accommodate added weight.

If not made by us, it’s Un-American…